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Latest news and updates from Southern Marin Fire Protection District.
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Southern Marin Fire District is seeking qualified candidates for an Open Board of Director position appointment


Board Members, individually and collectively, act as representatives of the citizens of the Fire District in maintaining and promoting fire and life-safety needs of the District. The primary responsibility of the Board of Directors is the formulation and evaluation of policy. The Board of Directors set the official policy of the District. District policies are to be mindful of the legal and constitutional rights of citizens and are set with care, in full accordance with the law.

The Board of Directors has the ultimate responsibility to ensure the lawful and efficient operations of the District. The daily business and routine matters concerning the operational aspects of the District are delegated to the Fire Chief and District management staff. The Board is also the supervisory body for the Fire Chief.  The Board of Directors has a number of responsibilities including but not limited to:

The Board of Directors shall carry out its responsibilities and the will of the people of the District in keeping with State and Federal constitutions, statutes, and rules, interpretations of the courts, and all the powers and responsibilities they provide.

It is the responsibility of the Board to ratify the annual budget and expenditures and to participate in and/or ratify annual salaries, wages and benefits.

The Board is entitled to enter into contracts on behalf of the District within the scope of its authority and in the line of duty.

Board members shall be familiar with the Ralph M. Brown Act regarding open meetings, required notice and the requirements for entering into closed session. They shall also be familiar with the Robert’s Rules of Order, Parliamentary Procedure. Review Appendix A: The Brown Act and Appendix B: Robert’s Rules of Order, Parliamentary Procedure for more details.

Board members shall abstain from voting on any issue in which the member has a personal or business interest, or on those issues that could affect their tenure or benefits.

Board members are required to file Fair Political Practices Commission Form 700, Statement of Economic Interests, upon assuming or leaving office and annually with the Clerk to the Board.

Board members are required to take ethics training every two years to comply with AB 1234, Ethics Training for Local Officials.

Directors shall develop a good working relationship with the Fire Chief so that current issues, concerns and District projects can be discussed comfortably and openly.

The Board is responsible for monitoring the District's progress in attaining its goals and objectives.

Board members are encouraged to participate in organizations such as the Fire District Association of California and others with similar benefit to the District. Membership fees shall be paid by the Fire District and reasonable expenses incurred in attending meetings, seminars, and training sessions shall be paid by the Fire District.

Directors shall thoroughly prepare themselves to discuss agenda items at meetings of the Board of Directors. Information may be requested from staff or exchanged between Directors before the meeting.

The Board will approve the job description for the Fire Chief. The Board will negotiate and enter into a contract with the Fire Chief which specifies the terms and conditions of employment. The Board shall establish a process for evaluating the Fire Chief and establish an ad-hoc committee to carry out the evaluation process. The evaluation process is reviewed at the regular Board meeting for any necessary modifications prior to beginning the review process. Appendix C: Evaluation Criteria provides information on District approved evaluation criteria.

Per diem of $100 per meeting.

The Southern Marin Fire Protection District is governed by a seven-member Board of Directors. Board Directors are elected by the residents, serve four-year terms and Board members must be 18 years of age and live within the Fire District boundaries. The SMFD Board of Directors meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month at the Headquarters Fire Station located at 308 Reed Boulevard in Mill Valley. 

For more information regarding our Board of Directors, please visit our website smfd.org/admin/board and click on the Board Manual document.


Qualified candidates, please send letter of intent and submit along with a resume to Human Resources Manager Liza Andre at landre@smfd.org no later than October 4, 2019 at 5pm.

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Our Mission

The Mission of the Southern Marin Fire District is to contribute to Greater Southern Marin Community’s reputation as a safe, friendly, economically thriving community in which to live, work, learn, play and visit.

We achieve our mission by providing the highest quality local and regional community risk reduction, suppression, emergency medical services, rescue, marine response, disaster preparedness and community education services possible within the resources provided to us.

We are professional, proud, compassionate, highly-trained, and committed to utilizing state of the art technology to provide services that meet or exceed the expectations of our community.


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