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Mill Valley, CA – In November 2018 the residents of the Southern Marin Fire District approved the passage of Measure - a parcel tax that would ensure no loss in existing services and would enhance wildfire prevention efforts.

A community survey was conducted February 23rd through March 1st 2018 by opinion research firm FM3 Research, who has extensive experience polling in Northern California Fire Districts. Residents expressed strong support for maintaining key emergency medical and fire protection services such as attracting and retaining qualified professional paramedics, maintaining high cardiac and stroke survivability standards, maintaining local fire protection and 9-1-1 response times, and improving the District’s ability to react to and contain wildland fires.

At the time of the survey Chief Chris Tubbs noted, “Over the last few years, we’ve worked hard to keep our residents safe, I’m thrilled that our residents feel protected and safe, particularly in light of last year’s wildland fires. We’re working hard to stay prepared for any situation. As we saw last October, we’re in danger if we’re not prepared, and this survey shows our services are highly valued.” “The American Heart Association says that brain deterioration starts four to six minutes after a person stops breathing,” added Chief Tubbs. “Unfortunately, the average 9-1-1 emergency response times in our community are longer, and 65% of our calls are medical emergencies such as heart attacks and strokes.” Chief Tubbs continued, “We need to continue to make sure our residents receive emergency medical care quickly and prevent response times from getting longer.”

Revenues from the Special Tax, including penalties and interst thereon, shall be used for fire protection and emergency services, inclduign but not limited to:

1. Maintaining Local Emergency Medical Services

2. Attracting and Retaining Qualified Professional Paramedics

3. Maintaining High Cardiac and Stroke Survivability Standards

4. Maintaining Local fire Protection

5. Maintaining Current 9-1-1 fire response times and,

6. Improving the District's ability to react to and contain wildland fires.

The Implemenation of this measure included the requirement for a Citizen Oversight Committee.  The meeting agendas, minutes, and reports of this committee will be posted to the District's website.

March 28 2018 Press Release

2018 Community Survey Highlights

Southern Marin Fire Protection District Survey Results

Measure U Ordinance

Download this file (Southern Marin Fire Protection District Survey Survey 2.pdf)SMFD June-July Survey Results[ ]1480 kB

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