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2021 Fire Season Outlook Report


At the Emergency & Disaster Preparedness Committee meeting on April 13, 2021, the Southern Marin Fire District (SMFD) Chair Directors received an update on the 2021 Fire Season Outlook report which forecasted the 2021 fire season. 

Due to wildfires, California was hit particularly hard resulting in loss of life, structure loss, and acreage burned in 2020. The result is a record number of Spare the Air days (46) issued by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District. Continuing trends include longer fire seasons (80 additional days per year), with Southern California dealing with a continuous season. Climate change is considered the key driver of the trend towards protracted and more destructive fire seasons in California. Warmer and dryer springs, limited snowpack, and increased fuel availability will add to the intensity of the 2021 Fire Season 

Drought is the predominant factor influencing the 2021 fire season. When comparing the drought picture from March 2020 to March 2021, it is easy to see that our drought is worsening without any relief seen in the mid- range forecasts. Drought is related to fire risk because it increases fuel dryness (in both live and dead fuels), which correlates closely to an increased probability of ignition and increased fire spread rate. Drought is also closely related to increasing the fire season's length as fuels are available for extended periods. 

Both SMFD and MVFD are actively working to educate our communities regarding the risks and their responsibilities. How do we prepare a community for the wildland fire season? We accomplish mitigation through the 4 E’s (Education, Engineering, Enforcement, and Emergency Response).

Fire staff will continue to educate the public on risks faced during fire season results in a call to action for residents. For the full 2021 Fire Season Outlook report, please read here


About Emergency & Disaster Preparedness Committee (EDPC) 

The role of the EDPC Committee is to assist the Southern Marin Fire District to prepare our businesses, residents and schools for a natural disaster by developing risk awareness, providing safety and risk mitigation education and by advocating the need for ongoing emergency and disaster preparedness. The Emergency & Disaster Preparedness Committee meets on the second Tuesday of each month. Learn more.

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